Chart Widget

Showcase historical line and candlestick charts spanning diverse time ranges and intervals, ranging from 1 hour to over 5 years (depending on the availability of data for a specific asset).

Basic stock chart (1 month / daily)

Stock chart featuring a range selector, dividend, and split events.

Stock candlestick chart

Stock line and candlestick charts with volume

Forex charts with a range selector

Intraday stock charts

Crypto chart

Widget features

Ability to choose any available asset (stock, currency pair, cryptocurrency, ETF etc)
Line, area and candlestick charts
Color & gradient customization
Dividend & split events
Ability to show / hide chart range selector, axes, cursor, volume
Ability to download the chart as an image
Ability to select a series for a line chart (open, high, low, close or adjusted close)
Animated data loading indicator

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